Landlords and Property

Manage your property portfolio -from finding tenants, preparing the tenancy agreements, collecting rent and arranging repairs- get clarity and control over your property and keep on top of your taxes with our cloud based service designed with your needs in mind


Manage Property

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24/7 peace of mind

Expert guidance

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Our solution is easy to manage and will ensure that you are in control of your properties and can see the status of your lettings at anytime



Our Landlords service is designed to assist you in preparing your accounts and tax returns

How we help you manage your properties

  • Find Tenants easily by advertising vacancies directly on Zoopla and RightMove.

  • Send out Tenancy agreements and have them signed online.

  • Find tradesman to do repairs on your property.

  • Automate the collection of rent by Direct Debit, do credit reference checking on potential tenants and track the progress in real time.

  • Manage your accounts and taxes online and reduce the time spent managing your properties.